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Matcha Tea with Cordyceps

We source the best cordyceps militaris mushrooms and infuse this powerhouse superfood our world-class matcha tea. You get the benefits of cordyceps AND matcha, which is no slouch on its own. Both of these adaptogens supercharge your health—while tasting delicious.

Mushroom Matcha - 30 Serving Jar

Mushroom Matcha

All-Day Focus + Bolstered Immunity

Mushroom Matcha Box - 10 Compostable Packets

Mushroom Matcha

All-Day Focus + Bolstered Immunity 

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Handheld Electric Whisk

This slim, powerful beverage wand helps you blend your favorite morning blend to a perfect, creamy consistency for maximum enjoyment!

Custom Ceramic Matcha Bowls and Cups


 Sorry, our matcha bowls are currently out of stock.

Custom Hone ceramics handcrafted by local Seattle ceramic artist Natasha Alphonse.