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33% Off Jar of Mushroom Matcha

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"Hone is absolutely amazing!!! I’m normally an avid coffee drinker, 2-3 cups a day, and to be perfectly honest those three cups still don’t stack up to the consistent, clean energy that just one cup of my morning matcha provides me with for the rest of the day. As someone who works evenings, the mid-afternoon coffee crash and headache are killer. Hone is the perfect solution. Thanks guys :)" 
-Emma B


Hone has only the purest ingredients

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

USDA Organic Cordyceps Militaris

Monk fruit Erythritol blend as a clean-tasting sugar-free sweetener

Chlorophyllin for color preservation and additional antioxidants

Organic Green Tea Caffeine

Methylated vitamin B12

Vitamin B6

All-Day Focus + Calm energy

Increased focus

Improves memory

Bolstered immunity

Long-lasting, calm energy

Prolonged athletic stamina

Promotes cognitive function

Bolstered Immunity

A liver cleanser

An anti-viral support

A collagen for your skin

A prebiotic for gut health

Promotes healthy weight loss

Improved respiratory function

Increased libido for men and women

Preventative measure for asthma and organ diseases

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