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Organic shade-grown matcha for maximum l-theanine

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

In ancient Japan, samurais and monks used matcha to help induce a cognitive flow-state before going to battle or engaging in deep meditation.

Ceremonial matcha is the highest grade of matcha characterized by it's oily bright green leaves, it is much higher in EGCG antioxidants, umami flavors, caffeine, and L-theanine than lower quality matcha.

Ours is sourced from a third-generation family owned farm ion an eco-heritage site Yame, Fukuoka Japan.

Matcha is overflowing with health benefits, from boosting metabolism to reducing anxiety and increasing focus.

Organic Cordyceps Mushroom

Our medicinal mushroom is cordyceps militaris. With a long history in Asian medicine, cordyceps is known to enhance energy, mental cognition, physical performance, and immunity. This powerful fungus helped shepherds cross large mountain ranges by helping their bodies product more energy and take in more oxygen.

Learn more about the health benefits of cordyceps.

We use an organic 8:1 fruiting body extract in our blend that carries no flavor or unwanted textures. You won't have any burnt flavors or gritty substrate in the bottom of your cup

B vitamins

Helps your body turn food into energy and helps your blood cells carry oxygen to your brain and extremities.

We use vitamin B6 and a methylated B12 for increased bioavailability and a more consistent energy.

Monk Fruit

A fruit grown in Northern Thailand. Zero sugar, truly delicious, with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

We pair this amazing fruit with a harmless yeast fermented corn called erythritol to balance the flavor and mouth feel of monkfruit.