At HONE, our mission is to provide Holistic Optimization and Natural Energy for people in an ecologically responsible way, and develop a progressive, sustainable relationship with our community and environment both locally and abroad. 

Our goal is to make nature’s most coveted ingredients more accessible by providing premium ingredients from around the globe in a convenient form. 

We want to build health products that match our own lifestyles and philosophies. Something that works to improve our minds and bodies rather than supply a quick, fleeting fix. Something that harnesses the power of the natural world rather than chemical fillers and sugars. Something raw and real.

What we developed is a synergistic natural blend of the most beneficial, pure and powerful whole ingredients from across the globe. Designed to turn the body into a vegan Ferrari fueled by laughter and sunshine

This is why we consider ourselves to be much more than an energy drink or a tea company. We don’t just stimulate your nervous system but stimulate energy production within your body.  

HONE origins

While at the University of Washington, Chris struggled to maintain the necessary energy and focus for academic success, while maintaining a high level of physical fitness and a vibrant social life. In a world that commonly turns to chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and fillers, Chris felt that there had to be a more natural way to gain an edge. After research and collaboration with classmates and friends, he developed the foundational formula that, after several iterations, would eventually become Presence, the flagship HONE blend. 

After graduating, Chris met up with Ari to discuss their futures. Ari, being a serial entrepreneur himself found that Chris had common interests, complementary work styles, and a mutual mission to educate people on health, wellness, and happiness.

They then quickly decided to team up, and develop their ideas into the full-time venture -- HONE.

As they say, the rest is history.