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Energy + Focus

This flagship collection is designed for the athletic, outdoorsy, and productive powerhouses to help you get the most out of your day.

Mushroom Matcha - 3 Compostable Packets

We made this blend because we were sick of the chemicals in energy drinks, the anxiety and jitters caused by coffee, and the unsustainability of pharmaceutical focus enhancers. We knew there had to be a way to improve our energy and focus without hurting our health over the long term.
Calming L-theanine, powerful antioxidants, and caffeine made ceremonial matcha a perfect fit. This ultra-high-quality tea has been used for a millennium by Japanese Buddhist monks, Samurai, and nobles to sharpen their focus and steady their nerves.
To increase the benefits, we paired the magnificent matcha with an equally incredible medicinal mushroom, cordyceps militaris. This fantastic fungus originates in the high alpine Himalayas. Originally found by a Sikkim shepherd who noticed his herd had more energy, endurance, and vitality when grazing on wild cordyceps. Ever since, they have been used in Eastern medicine to heal a plethora of different illnesses and have been scientifically shown to increase brain function, memory, and athletic performance by 10%.
This blend combines these two natural powerful ingredients with B vitamins and natural caffeine to wake you up and hone your focus. We finish off the product by balancing a delicious taste with benefits, by adding the perfect amount of the zero-sugar natural sweetener monk fruit.
Try us out and experience the best nature has to offer.