Magic Matcha Wand - Battery Powered Beverage Whisk - HONE

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Handheld Electric Whisk

This slim, powerful beverage wand helps you blend your favorite morning blend to a perfect, creamy consistency for maximum enjoyment!

Hone has only the purest ingredients

Ceremonial Grade Matcha

USDA Organic Cordyceps Militaris

Monk fruit blend as a clean-tasting sugar-free sweetener

Chlorophyllin for color preservation and additional antioxidants

Organic Green Tea Caffeine

Methylated vitamin B12

Vitamin B6

All-Day Focus + Calm energy

Increased focus

Improves memory

Bolstered immunity

Long-lasting, calm energy

Prolonged athletic stamina

Promotes cognitive function

Bolstered Immunity

A liver cleanser

An anti-viral support

A collagen for your skin

A prebiotic for gut health

Promotes healthy weight lossImproved respiratory function

Increased libido for men and women

Preventative measure for asthma and organ diseases