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HONE Matcha Mindful Moment

  • 2 min read

HONE Matcha Mindful Moment - HONE

Wade Brill is a Mindfulness Coach, Speaker, and Facilitator in the Seattle area. She is a calming yet energetic woman;

  • having survived cancer
  • now thriving as a health coach
  • teaching people how to love each day with their whole heart
  • Embracing and fully experiencing the present moment.

She took her experience battling cancer, then losing her mother during the same devastating time to learn the preciousness of the mind, body, and everyday life.

From devastation, she learned techniques to reduce and manage anxiety, healing her body, by also her mind. Finding the trick is to live an intentional life, a life of loving every moment.

Through her holistic healing journey and training as a Professional Certified Coach and Mindfulness Facilitator through the UCLA Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior, she now teaches individuals and company cultures as a mindfulness health coach. She is helping bring people to calm and clarity from the chaos of day-to-day.

To learn how to thrive in the present, being more productive and energized.


Matcha Moment

Wade was kind enough to provide us a snippet of her wonderful work by giving us a clip on how to enjoy matcha mindfully and presently

  • Taking the time to enjoy each sip
  • Feel the warmth of the cup
  • The smell of the delicate aroma of the tea

A short moment of presence during a simple task as drinking tea can help us remember we live only in this moment: not the future and not the past. So next time you drink your cup of HONE

  • listen to the clip below. 
  • hold your cup
  • then close your eyes


Thanks again Wade :)